Frankman Motor Company

frankman-motor-company-sioux-falls-sdFrankman Motor Company the kind of dealer that takes the time and listens to the wants and needs of their clients. They understand that buying a car is a process that takes a certain amount of careful consideration.

It’s a lot to wrap your head around but Frankman Motor Company do their best to make the car buying experience an easy one. They’re the kind of Sioux Falls, SD car dealer that helps you decide exactly what you’re looking for. Their staff won’t ever make a sale that their customers will end up being unhappy with. They’re proud to be the type of Sioux Falls, SD dealer that strives for full customer satisfaction.

Frankman Motor Company is the Sioux Falls, SD car dealership that caters for a whole variety of clientele. They understand that all of their clients have different financial situations and have done their best to ensure that their cars come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and that their price tags vary as well.

Frankman Motor Company’s range of car services includes:

  • Used Car Sales
  • Car Loans and Auto Financing
  • Certified Auto service department
  • Full selection of auto parts and after-market accessories

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Beckby Motors in Hastings, NE

Beckby Motors in Hastings, NE your Grand Island Used Cars For Sale, Used Pickup Trucks lot and Kearney Used Car Dealer, Used Pickups For Sale lot, has a reputation for great service. From

  • used cars
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  • Ford F250
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  • Ford F150

you will not find a lower price than your Hastings Used Cars For Sale, Used Pickup Trucks lots. We’ve got the used cars, pre-owned and secondhand cars, used pickup trucks, trucks, pickups, pick up trucks, Ford F250, Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F150 you’re looking for.


Get a well-maintained, competitively-priced, Cars, Pickup Trucks in Hastings at Beckby Motors. Our auto technicians perform a detailed inspection on our Used Cars For Sale, Used Pickup Trucks inventory at our Used Car Dealer, Used Pickups For Sale lot. While we are the premier location to buy a Cars, Pickup Trucks, we also serve customers from

  • Ayr
  • Doniphan
  • Glenvil
  • Hastings
  • Inland
  • Juniata
  • Roseland
  • Trumbull

Browse our Hastings Used Cars For Sale, Used Pickup Trucks inventory to view details about our low priced, high-quality Used Car Dealer, Used Pickups For Sale and used cars, pre-owned and secondhand cars, used pickup trucks, trucks, pickups, pick up trucks, Ford F250, Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F150.

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Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren returns

The British automaker McLaren tend to resume production of supercar Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, the assembly which was stoped year ago due to difficulties in the relationship between the two companies. As the site Carpassion, the novelty does not get the name of the Stuttgart brand will be called simply McLaren SLR Edition. It is planned to build 25 copies of such a vehicle.

Supercar gets a new look front end with another bumper with large air intakes, plus additional vents in the front wings in the style of the model McLaren MP4-12C. In addition, the car will change the rear bumper: there will be a massive carbon fiber diffuser and additional slots in the wings. The new carbon fiber aerodynamic body kit allowed to increase downforce McLaren by 15 percent, and improve cooling of the engine compartment.

Inside, all the plastic parts will be replaced by carbon fiber counterparts. In addition, the driver’s seat specially manufacture a piece of the owner. He can order any color design interior at no extra charge.

In the engine compartment supercar will be 5.4-liter eight-cylinder Mercedes-Benz with a mechanical supercharger, which develops 650 horsepower. With this engine the car can accelerate to maximum speed of 340 kilometers per hour. From the usual SLR McLaren novelty will differ recustomized steering and adjustable suspension.

Premiere McLaren SLR Edition will be held at the Motor Show in Essen and in BC, opens on December 5 this year. The cost of such a vehicle is not reported.

Ford put up for sale thousands of archival photographs

Ford has put up for sale the copies of five thousand photographs from their archives. Many of which were published at first time, and get them in the desired format you can at website

Among these photographs – images of plants Ford, old advertising posters, books with various activities and pictures of all cars ever produced by the company. On request, photo can be printed on paper or canvas.

Prices of this pictures will start from 18 dollars. Paper image size cars (46 by 61 centimeters) would cost an average of $ 60. Snapshot format, 112 by 153 centimeters will cost $ 270.

Till the end of the year, Ford has promised to publish another five thousand images – a few dozen every day. In general, the archives of the companies kept millions of digital and print photos, which occupy 16,000 boxes of 75 rooms and hundreds of CD-ROM drive.

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Nissan will build a third battery plant

The company Nissan Motor Co began construction of a plant for the production of advanced lithium-ion batteries in Cassia (Portugal) “To spread the extension of electric cars Renault-Nissan Alliance in Europe.”
As it became known earlier, the battery plant will be located in an area of 30 thousand and 450 square meters, at the factory Renault in Cassia, which collected the gearbox. The investment amounted to € 156 million. The company will begin work in December 2012 and will produce 50 thousand units per year. It is expected that the new plant will create 200 jobs.

“The plant in Cassia is one of three factories in Europe, supplying batteries for electric vehicles produced by the alliance, the first of which is 100% electric car Nissan Leaf, – are reported to senior operating officer Toshiyuki Shiga Nissan. The three plants together will allow the alliance to distribute electric vehicles in Europe in an unprecedented extent, one step closer to a future world without emission of exhaust gases. “

In turn, the executive vice president of Renault, Corporate Planning, Scheduling and Control of Production Philip Klein said that “the beginning of construction of the battery factory in Cassia is another major step in the revolutionary transition to electric vehicles,on the edge where located the Alliance. “The plant will supply the batteries for one of four electric ZE family Renault, Fluence ZE, which goes on sale in autumn 2011, “- he added.

Recall that in April of the last year, Nissan began building battery plant in Sunderland (UK), which will start work at the beginning ща еру 2012 and will produce 60 thousand units per year. Another battery plant Renault, located in Flinse (France), will produce 100 thousand batteries per year. 

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Global automotive industry is expected to record sales in 2011

PricewaterhouseCoopers forecasts that in 2011 the volume of car production worldwide could grow by 6%, resulting in global auto industry will reach a record 75.3 million vehicles. In many respects it will be linked to the continuing growth in demand for new cars in India and China.
At the same time, some impact will a gradual recovery in the U.S. market. Another positive trend is a worldwide increase in demand for premium brands. However, it should be noted that in the European Union market recovery has been slow, which is undoubtedly due to the cessation of government recycling programs to stimulate markets. There is considerable likelihood that the top of the year, emerging markets will outperform developed nations in terms of production cars. In other words, the engine of growth of production in emerging markets will be the Asia-Pacific region, where the foundations of growth will be laid in the first place the Chinese market, where sales results exceeded all possible expectations.
At the same time opportunities in developed markets will remain limited. In addition, a role played by Russia and Thailand. Thus, Russia’s contribution to world output growth in the period from 2010 to 2017-th-th years can amount to about 7%.