How to Inspect a Used Car.

Buy a used car can be quickly and easily, and more to your perfect car.

It does not take a mechanic to inspect a used vehicle, but there are some golden rules.
• Get a car history check to determine if the car has outstanding finance, has been stolen or written off
• Check documents of the car – logbook, service history and previous MOT certificates – to detect if the car is registered
• Check the car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) at the base of the windshield under the hood and stamped on the chassis under the carpet next to the driver’s seat for signs of deterioration, and be sure to match the registered VIN in the logbook
• Look for rust, paint matching and uneven gaps between body panels
• Make sure that all of the work car
• As you read the key documents, including certificates V5C (Book), service history and ITV then check the key points around the car, you will be able to quickly assess whether the vehicle is seeing is as described in your ad

The test drive is your chance to evaluate all aspects of the car, how it feels on the road, to ensure that all your equipment is working properly.
• Always take a test drive of at least 15 minutes and in different types of road
• Arrange adequate insurance cover before driving the car
• Start the car when the engine is cold, and check the excessive smoke and strange noises
• Check gears, brakes, steering and suspension work as they should, without noise and vibration


Internet in the car becomes available option in the near future.

A common standard and technical solutions for this are under development. At the same time will develop and transfer data between the cars. Obstacle to the global connectedness of vehicles have become, oddly enough, car manufacturers who develop their own technology, abandoning a single data transfer protocol. To such opinion experts came to the automotive and IT-industries gathered at the congress held in Berlin, organized by publication Automobilwoche.

To develop a single standard of connectedness, the cause must address the representatives of IT-industry. “Mass distribution of Internet access in cars could happen in the next two to three years. To do this, already have all the necessary components. The only question is how to combine them” – said an expert in the field of telecommunications Frank Ulrich, Kurt. According to him, within the next five years in Germany, the network will spread so that the communication protocol Car-to-car will be fully operational, helping motorists and road services to exchange the latest information.

Interesting Facts about Car Logos.

Logos not only serve as unique visual marks of identity, which helps companies gain product recognition in the global market. Usually, there are three types of car logos – logo symbol, the logo text and logo combination.

Prologue (Press Release) – April 6, 2010 – At the command of logos, special designs or symbols used to represent the brand – such as Citroen, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Renault, Porsche, etc.

In text logos, initials or company names are written in a particular style – Fiat, Mazda, Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen and Volvo.

Logo combination is a mixture of symbols and texts such as Alfa Romeo, Skoda, Lamborghini, BMW, etc.


A German engineer named August Horch founded the company A. Horch & Cie in 1899.

A decade later, he was forced out of their own business. He, along with its partner Fikentscher Franz started the new company.

While they were arguing over the name of the new company, the son of Fikentscher that it was studying Latin in a corner of the room were asked to “audiatur et altera pars” means (would not it be a good idea to call instead of Audi Horch?)

“Horch” The word means “hark” in German, which means listening and Audi is the Latin word for listen. Later, in 1932, Audi, Horch, DKW and Wanderer merged to form Auto Union and Audi four rings logo came into force with pride by Audi hood so far.


Another interesting thing is that the BMW logo. Represents a spinning propeller blade white against the blue sky.

BMW was one of the leading suppliers of aircraft and aircraft engines as the Red Baron with the German government during the World War 1.

In 1918, when World War I ended, the German government stopped taking BMW aircraft.

BMW had no choice but to change your business. The company began to train brakes before making motorized bicycle, motorcycles and cars.


Even the “bow tie” of Chevrolet, which is creating waves in the country with their latest products, has something to say.

There are really two stories about the Chevrolet logo.

The first one says that the founder of William C. Durant was inspired by the wallpaper in a French hotel and ripped a piece of it to design a logo.

But his wife has a different version. It says that the bowtie emblem came from a Virginia newspaper, while vacationing in Hot Springs, Virginia, around 1912.


The Italian automaker Ferrari rampant coveted Prancing Horse was originally the emblem of World War II flying ace Fancesco Baracca Italian.

When Enzo Ferrari started his own automobile company, continued use of this logo have been convinced by Baracca parents before using the symbol of her dead son for his racing cars Alfa Romeo.

Well, the Prancing Horse has graced more than challenging Ferrari vehicles. Today can be found plastered on the bikes, jerseys and just about everywhere you can imagine!


In 1899, the “Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino” company was founded in Turin, and a special poster was created to celebrate the event.

The artist included a small scroll containing the name of the company and it became the first Fiat logo. The logo had undergone a series of amendments passed since then.

100 th anniversary of the brand in 1999 saw the birth of a chrome logo with the A characteristic, and a more stylized laurel wreath on a blue background.

Fiat’s new logo was first used in the Bravo, in 2006.


The logo of U.S. automaker Ford is simple and the source is its relief. Has been in regular use for over 50 years

This source was used by Harold Wills, who was a close associate of Henry Ford. As a teenager, Wills is used to print business cards to make money.

When his friend Henry Ford needed a logo for your business, Wills took the old printing set and used a font that was used for the printing of cards as a teenager.

In 1912, the oval shape and added the blue color was produced in 1927. This logo is the latest blue oval that Ford released in 2003 to honor 100 years of Ford Motor Company.


Some car logos reflect the taste of its owner as the raging bull of Lamborghini.

The company founder Ferruccio Lamborghini loved bullfighting and chose it as the logo of their company cars.

Many cars have the Lamborghini name, or a bull breed or bull in particular.

The variety of logos is quite striking and extends from the animal forms of diamond Viking ships.

The company was founded by Louis Renault when he was 21 and first logo of the company introduced three initials of the Renault brothers: Louis, Ferdinand and Marcel.

The company logo was also a military tank after their tanks Renault FT-17 light became a fad during the First World War

The diamond shape was introduced in 1925 and redesigned in 1972 by famed art designer Victor Vasarely optional. Today, the logo is surrounded by a yellow square – a symbol of quality.


Skoda winged arrow was first used in 1926 and apparently is synonymous with speed.

The colors also have a story to tell, the black symbolizes the history of the automaker, while green for its environmental friendliness.

Like most other automakers Skoda also goes back to the 1890 when the company started manufacturing bicycles.

But after the Second World War and the Velvet Revolution Skoda became a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group in 1991.


Volkswagen has one of the simplest logos and readily recognizable in the world. The logo is a V on the W on a blue background, surrounded by a circle.Volkswagen means “people’s car” in German.

The logo was the result of a contest for the office which the winner was Francisco Reimspiess.

The origin of the company date back to 1930’s of Nazi Germany. It was Hitler’s idea to start making an affordable car for people. It was Hitler and Ferdinand Porsche who came up with the idea of Volkswagen Beetle that could carry two adults and three children.

But the factory for the manufacture of the Beetle was used to produce more military vehicles of public cars, which was after the original intentions of Hitler. Message defeat of Germany in the war the British took over the Volkswagen factory and tried to sell.

But everyone refused to blame design beetles, which are considered inferior. However, the Volkswagen Beetle became one of the world’s fastest cars for sale.


The name Volvo means “I roll” in Latin and is derived from “volvere” the Latin word meaning ‘rock’.

The Volvo logo is an ancient symbol of iron, which is a circle with an arrow pointing diagonally upwards to the right.

This symbol also represents “Mars, the god of war.” Volvo are also traditionally known for security features.

The iron symbol also is used to reflect the strong tradition of Swedish industry meetings to iron. The name of the car also runs through the logo on a blue background. In 1999 the brand “Volvo” was purchased by Ford.


The motto of the South Korean company is “Drive your way.”

Hyundai’s logo resembles an oval-shaped ‘H’ represents the desire of the company to expand globally.

The slanted, stylized “H” is also a symbol for two people, such as business and customer shaking hands.


From a distance the Toyota logo looks like a Toyota T sense.

However, the logo consists of three ovals: the two perpendicular center ovals represent a relationship of mutual trust between the customer and Toyota.

The background space involves the ever-expanding technological advances and a wealth of opportunities ahead for the company.


The most oldest Porsche.

The most oldest Porsche is Porsche 356 was produced in 1952.
The car was discovered by the German company in the competition, announced in August, timed to coincide with the 60 anniversary of the Porsche brand sales in America.

The machine with 1.5-liter 60-horsepower engine, was brought from Germany to the United States in 1952, an Austrian entrepreneur Max Hoffman, who was among the first to start supplying Porsche in America. Currently convertible owned by residents of Oklahoma by Robert Wilson – always owner of the car for 58 years.

In the search for the Porsche managed to discover and older models – for example, the exact same model 356 blue 1950 edition. However, this car was purchased by its owner in Europe.

In addition to the cabriolet 356, most old Porsche, among officially sold in the U.S., were named 911 and 912 Coupe 1965 release, as well as the model 914 in 1970 edition. In addition, the first Cayenne SUV was sold officially in the U.S. in 2004, and the oldest Coupe Boxster – in 1997.

Official delivery of Porsche cars in the United States began in 1960. Currently in America there are 197 dealers Porsshe.

The car air bags – Interesting Facts

It seems that a few years ago air bags in cars were exotic. Today their numbers in some models are up to 10. At first glance, this is a simple bag of soft material, elastic plastic. But the plot of an air bag must be very thin and strong, during the accident to the smallest Stitches should not be in the area of contact with the driver’s face and body. The shock should’nt also become a trampoline, you should be able to relieve the pressure of gas in time. In fact, many manufacturers have stopped sewing pillows with the fabric and let the air breaks. When packing the air bag put talcum powder to prolong the life of the pad.
The number of built-in air bags is growing rapidly. Recently, the car with dual airbags is considered as a luxury and now has a dozen not surprise the average driver. All bags are working at first, but there are many differences. For example, controller pads range in size from 60 to 80 liters, while the passenger needs a much larger volume of 130-160 liters. Side effects are usually no less dangerous than the front. Of course, automakers could not leave unnoticed in the past 10 years and many cars had their hand-bags. They are much smaller than the frontal air bags, the volume ranges from 15 to 25 liters. There are also different ways. Along with the conventional ‘type of mushrooms’ do not extend “long rollers” on the shoulder and “inflatable curtains, reliable protection of the head of the driver and rear passengers. You can get more and more often find a pillow under the front panel or on the ground like the legs of driver and passengers will also be protected. And the latest invention from “Toyoda Gosei” are cushions to protect pedestrians. Two rolls of farewell radiator grilles and a recess between the hood and windshield, designed to minimize damage to pedestrians adults and children. Airbags for motorcycles and scooters are already installed on request, in Italy, for example, maybe soon, and will be widely used on all motorcycles.Interesting information about air bags:

* Passenger airbag is generally twice as large as the drive because of the greater distance from the dashboard.
* To make an air bag filled with all the volume that needs 25 to 50 m / sec (for comparison a blink lasts about 100 m / sec)
* The opening speed reaching 320 kmh Airbag
* “Renault car manufacturer installed a small air pocket in the front of the driver’s seat to avoid diving under the seat belt.

Very lucky British pensioner.

This British pensioner lucky. When he got out from the car something flew on top. Struck head-on and type in the driver’s seat …

This subject was a rather big chunk of ice – the size of a rugby ball. Likely floe fell from landing aircraft – this sometimes happens. In the UK, in 3000 flights were reported 35 cases of falling ice.