Nissan will build a third battery plant

The company Nissan Motor Co began construction of a plant for the production of advanced lithium-ion batteries in Cassia (Portugal) “To spread the extension of electric cars Renault-Nissan Alliance in Europe.”
As it became known earlier, the battery plant will be located in an area of 30 thousand and 450 square meters, at the factory Renault in Cassia, which collected the gearbox. The investment amounted to € 156 million. The company will begin work in December 2012 and will produce 50 thousand units per year. It is expected that the new plant will create 200 jobs.

“The plant in Cassia is one of three factories in Europe, supplying batteries for electric vehicles produced by the alliance, the first of which is 100% electric car Nissan Leaf, – are reported to senior operating officer Toshiyuki Shiga Nissan. The three plants together will allow the alliance to distribute electric vehicles in Europe in an unprecedented extent, one step closer to a future world without emission of exhaust gases. “

In turn, the executive vice president of Renault, Corporate Planning, Scheduling and Control of Production Philip Klein said that “the beginning of construction of the battery factory in Cassia is another major step in the revolutionary transition to electric vehicles,on the edge where located the Alliance. “The plant will supply the batteries for one of four electric ZE family Renault, Fluence ZE, which goes on sale in autumn 2011, “- he added.

Recall that in April of the last year, Nissan began building battery plant in Sunderland (UK), which will start work at the beginning ща еру 2012 and will produce 60 thousand units per year. Another battery plant Renault, located in Flinse (France), will produce 100 thousand batteries per year. 

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