Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren returns

The British automaker McLaren tend to resume production of supercar Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, the assembly which was stoped year ago due to difficulties in the relationship between the two companies. As the site Carpassion, the novelty does not get the name of the Stuttgart brand will be called simply McLaren SLR Edition. It is planned to build 25 copies of such a vehicle.

Supercar gets a new look front end with another bumper with large air intakes, plus additional vents in the front wings in the style of the model McLaren MP4-12C. In addition, the car will change the rear bumper: there will be a massive carbon fiber diffuser and additional slots in the wings. The new carbon fiber aerodynamic body kit allowed to increase downforce McLaren by 15 percent, and improve cooling of the engine compartment.

Inside, all the plastic parts will be replaced by carbon fiber counterparts. In addition, the driver’s seat specially manufacture a piece of the owner. He can order any color design interior at no extra charge.

In the engine compartment supercar will be 5.4-liter eight-cylinder Mercedes-Benz with a mechanical supercharger, which develops 650 horsepower. With this engine the car can accelerate to maximum speed of 340 kilometers per hour. From the usual SLR McLaren novelty will differ recustomized steering and adjustable suspension.

Premiere McLaren SLR Edition will be held at the Motor Show in Essen and in BC, opens on December 5 this year. The cost of such a vehicle is not reported.


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